+ What kind of consultancy service do you provide? 

- We support the establishment of the new brands, creating and executing collections and production organizations. Also we help companies which aims to grow, to find new markets and customers based on their fabric or apparel product range.

+ How does your consultancy project processes generally work? 

- It changes depending on our clients. For example; sometimes we can make meetings when they hesitate about choosing their fabrics, otherwise we can have seasonal or annual agreements for more comprehensive projects.

+ What is the variety of your consulting projects? 

- The project that we provide consulting is very diverse. We support many different structures, from new  designer brands to experienced textile companies. 


+ Do we need to study in textile or fashion to participate your workshops? 

- Not required, anyone interested in these topics can participate.

+ Do we get a document at the end of the workshops? 

- At the end of each workshop, we give participation document to all participants prepared for their names.

+ Do you have workshops in foreign languages?

- Yes, we also organize workshops in English.

+ Do you provide private lessons for the individual people or companies?

- Yes, we design  special programs based on the career goals of the people and according to the needs of the companies.

+ How many people can join the  workshops? 

- We generally organize our workshops with 12 participants. So that we have the opportunity to communicate one to one with our participants and answer their questions.

+ Where can we get courses from you?

- We cooperate with fashion schools and also we organize workshops in our office.


+ How can we register for the workshops? 

- You can participate in workshops by purchasing the ticket via Biletix also you can send an e-mail for the special courses.

Fabric Agency

+ From which countries do you provide your current fabric collections? 

- Our collections are mainly from Italy, in addition to Japan, Portugal and Greece.

+ How often your collections are renewed? 

- Usually our producers send us two collection each year: Spring-summer and autumn- winter.

+ Are you working with local fabric manifacturers? 

- We do not have a current cooperation, but we are always open to the offers.

+ Are your fabric collections more suitable for men's or women's collections?

- We have suitable qualities for both groups in all seasons.

+ What type of fabrics mostly do you have in your collections? 

- We have so many types of fabrics so it's not possible to generalize. The collections include both design fabrics that reflect the latest trends and basic qualities that are more commercial and suitable for more product groups.